Sanju Movie Review: An Attempt to Stay Away from Controversies

The much awaited movie finally hit the theatres today. And i was among the first ones to watch it. Sanju movie was expected to reveal many truths and facts about Sanjay Dutt and his family. But quite disappointed as the movie progressed, I waited for some novelty. And the wait never ended.

If you go by the positive Sanju movie reviews given by most of the newspapers, you will be bluffed. Here is an honest Sanju review.

It is a typical Rajkumar Hirani movie which has humour and serious talent. All actors were the best. Ranbir was outstanding in Sanju movie. But outstanding acting was not what the audience expected after watching the trailers on television and internet.

There was Drugs, there was AK 56, RDX, Yerwada Jail, that’s it. And yes, Father Son relationship. Nothing else.  No personal life. Limited family mentions, Sanjay Dutts sisters were seen in the movie but poor characters had no dialogues, just a little sobing and smiling.

Almost half of the movie was about drug addiction and rest had guns and jail. His wife, kids, bollywood friends none of them got a chance to be part of the story. The unwanted part was unnecessarily stretched and most required story was purged. Many details were skipped, and reasons were hidden. Editing was done so seriously that the story looks incomplete. Looks like the film makers' attempt to stay away from controversies spoiled all the fun.

My Sanju Movie Rating: 2.5 out of 5


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