McDonalds Mexican Cheesy Fries Review

McDonalds Mexican Cheesy Fries is an ultimate treat for fries lovers. The yellow cheese sauce dripped over the lazily lying fries will make you drool. The mexican salsa over the cheese sauce gives that chunky taste with fries making you wish for more of those fries.

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Considering it as a side dish for McDonalds eaters, a tray of Mexican Cheesy French Fries can be shared by 2. But if you intend to pounce over just the fries, then you deserve to have the whole of it. Along with this fries, McDonalds offers Mexican Aloo Tikki and Lebanese Aloo Tikki burger. For foodies, who do not miss out single launch of dishes or restaurants, all three will be a boon.

Well, that was a lot of praises. Personally, I am not a fan of fries. For this combination of salsa and cheese sauce with fries, I would give a thumbs up, something you can probably try at least once, may be through McDelivery. After all, the crunchy fries of McDonalds has not yet found anyone to compete with.


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