Pizza Hut Reviews - Inorbit Mall, Malad - Head for Pizza only!

It is a weekday, a not so busy afternoon and hungry hour of the day. I hopped into Pizza Hut in Inorbit Mall, Malad. I have been here a dozen times earlier and gulped down dozen pizzas. This time I decided to ditch the famous Pizza at this brand place.

So, I opted for a Cheesy Jalapeno Poppers, Cheese Alfredo Chicken Pasta and Belgian Choco Milkshake. And looks like chefs often mess up with food they are not known for.

Poppers were fine. A bit on spicy side though, but bearable spicy. They were served with Chilli Mayo.

The Pasta seemed like they were sun-dried. Some of the Fusilli Pasta hardly had any sauce over them. A little more sauce would have made my day better. Chicken were added in the form of Sausages. Well, I was expecting soft-yet-chewy Chicken pieces. The 2 toasts alongside the Pasta were terribly toasted. Looks like it forgot to pop out of the toaster at the right time.

The Belgian Choco Milkshake was may be prepared by a first timer. If you serve lesser chocolate in a chocolate milkshake to a chocolate lover (Ok that was a lot of Chocolate), the chocolate lover will go into depression! You cannot make this mistake! Lesser chocolate?? Least expected after paying Rs.169. The Crooked Spiral presentation of Chocolate Syrup wasn’t enticing either. May be that was indeed done by a first timer :(

A dried Pasta, burnt toast an be excused. But lesser chocolate, Noo!
Anything besides Pizza at Pizza Hut is surely not recommended.

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