That Woman You See – Sujata Parashar Book Review

With the emerging gender equality and women empowerment strides, the book That Woman You See by Sujata Parashar is a plus 1 for the efforts put by human rights activists. Sujata, who is herself a human right activist, has rightly portrayed the ideas of a modern woman. The woman likes to express her views in the way she wants to. She doesn’t prefer to hide her feelings.

The collection of 9 short stories, all focus on a single idea, but in different manner. The stories beautifully depicts on how the modern day woman would like to act upon in different situations. A woman who finds that her son is taking the wrong path in his marriage, stands up for her daughter in law’s rights by behaving rationally.

With a pinch of romance and tinges of suspense, all the short stories keep you hooked up till the end of each of them and wanting for more in the next one. Although the climax of most of the stories didn’t entice me. They seemed to be either incomplete or unsettling to be a good climax, probably because I expected more twists in the story. But the unsettling part is something which raised my excitement to read the next one.

All in all, a wonderful book by the author Sujata Parashar, deserves a quick read while having your afternoon bites at your favourite restaurant (like I did 😉


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