Destined to be... - A Poetic Mind

I wish we were destined to meet earlier,
Our lives would have been more merrier.
I would have been in your arms,
Been most important of all your charms.

My feelings were dead and life was plain,
You swung in by and rose them again,
Laying my head on your chest,
You caressed it with all your best.

If we met not like we were destined to be,
Together we could be for years to see,
Similar likes and similar habits,
Compatibility would have been our chit.

Together we could live our passion,
With our own life of creation.
All crumbles of the day,
At nights, on bed they would lay.

Biting your ears gently,
Rolling my tongue on your shoulders,
Down goes my fingers slipping off,
When you rescue them with your Palm.

Holding hands tight, tucked behind on wall,
You look at my eyes, with desires they call.
Pressing with power, you don't let me move,
I wish for more, wildness for which I drool.

How long it took for me to understand,
The place where I currently stand.
Only thing I can do is long for you,
Hoping to meet someday out of the blue.


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