California Pizza Kitchen Review – Infiniti 2

Burdened with load of work,
Looking at desktop screen like a jerk,
On a Friday already feeling sickened,
I stepped into California Pizza Kitchen.

Alright, that was a lame one. But that exactly described my Friday morning at work. To turn the day into something better, I stepped into California Pizza Kitchen in Infiniti 2 mall on link road, malad. I knew only a pizza can apply some cheese on my disturbed brain. There goes a lame one again!
CPK is surely a place that a pizza lover shouldn’t miss. This Italian cuisine can be made so creatively and eaten without getting your stomach full within the first few bites here, unlike other pizza restaurants. After going through a long list of pizzas, I landed over Kasturi Paneer Pizza which was quietly hiding in veggies section. Not that the chics have ever betrayed me, but I prefer paneer over any live food. After finalizing the pizza, I went on for some beverage. The red drink couldn’t slip away from my eye balls. And I ordered a cranberry juice with the kasturi paneer pizza.

After a couple of scrolls and thumb clicks on my phone, the glass full of cranberry juice appeared. Not being able to control my sense I pounced over the straw and took small sips. Then I realised I haven’t taken a pic for you readers. Here it goes…

Alright my whole purpose of ordering the beverage was to complement my pizza bites. But the pizza was nowhere seen for the next 15 minutes. I just wished that my pizza arrives before I need to order another glass of red juice. Finally it arrived with a big knife raising one of the pieces. I was like Ohh, now I eat away the plate, knife, pizza whatever has appeared in front of me.

But like the most disciplined child, I quietly lifted the piece of pizza and placed it on my plate. The thin crust pizza with kasturi tossed paneer, tomatoes, bell peppers, coriander leaves and lots of cheese as toppings made me drool at the first glance. Here’s the glance so that you can drool too 🙂
After this moment all I did was bite and sip. Pleasingly, the drink lasted till my last piece of pizza. The courteous men at the California Pizza Kitchen did make sure to ask me how was my meal. Well that made the whole experience better.
Now was the time when I had to let my wallet loose. After an awesome pizza, I wouldn’t mind that though. There came the cheque and 2 feedback forms. But surprisingly no ink! Was I supposed to give the feedback through the fork dipped in my blood? So the feedback never reached them on the paper. But being a blogger, I do not need a paper and pen.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) review

Thumbs up for:
Huge list of choices. I had a hard time in selecting the one.
No compromise on taste. I couldn’t resist licking my finger at the end.
Quick feedback on the table. The gentlemen do not miss out asking about how was your meal.
Few turn downs:
Waiting period quite long for a pizza. If you are in a hurry think of some other place, as this CPK is the place of taste.
Feedbacks are on the tongue but not on paper.
Prices on the higher end, but worth the experience.

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