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Destined to be... - A Poetic Mind

I wish we were destined to meet earlier,
Our lives would have been more merrier.
I would have been in your arms,
Been most important of all your charms.

My feelings were dead and life was plain,
You swung in by and rose them again,
Laying my head on your chest,
You caressed it with all your best.
If we met not like we were destined to be,
Together we could be for years to see,
Similar likes and similar habits,
Compatibility would have been our chit.
Together we could live our passion, With our own life of creation. All crumbles of the day, At nights, on bed they would lay.
Biting your ears gently, Rolling my tongue on your shoulders, Down goes my fingers slipping off, When you rescue them with your Palm.
Holding hands tight, tucked behind on wall,
You look at my eyes, with desires they call.
Pressing with power, you don't let me move,
I wish for more, wildness for which I drool.
How long it took for me to understand,
The place where I currently stand.
Only thing I can do is long for you,
Hoping to meet some…

HypnoBirthing – A Blessing for Pregnant Women (Parentous)

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“Hypnosis” as known to all, has been a controversial treatment and often gives goosebumps when suggested. But a lesser known fact is that hypnosis for pregnant women has worked wonders, if practised correctly. Practising hypnosis during pregnancy is termed as “Hypnobirthing”. Framed in simple words, it is a relaxation technique which helps pregnant women have a painless delivery.

What is HypnoBirthing?

Relaxation, being peaceful & stress-free and a having positive mindset is of utmost importanceWhen a woman is pregnant, everyone around her offers advice, gives instructions and some of them even scare her about the painful delivery phase. Most of her life, she is made to believe that pregnancy and delivery is very painful. But most of the advice given by people would be based on things they have heard and not experienced. So it’s important for every pregnant woman to get the instructions verified by a certified…

That Woman You See – Sujata Parashar Book Review

With the emerging gender equality and women empowerment strides, the book That Woman You See by Sujata Parashar is a plus 1 for the efforts put by human rights activists. Sujata, who is herself a human right activist, has rightly portrayed the ideas of a modern woman. The woman likes to express her views in the way she wants to. She doesn’t prefer to hide her feelings.

The collection of 9 short stories, all focus on a single idea, but in different manner. The stories beautifully depicts on how the modern day woman would like to act upon in different situations. A woman who finds that her son is taking the wrong path in his marriage, stands up for her daughter in law’s rights by behaving rationally.

With a pinch of romance and tinges of suspense, all the short stories keep you hooked up till the end of each of them and wanting for more in the next one. Although the climax of most of the stories didn’t entice me. They seemed to be either incomplete or unsettling to be a go…

Oats Green Poha Recipe

Well technically this shouldn’t be called a poha because it’s made of oats. But we have to name it with something familiar to those home cooks who want to cook healthy. So here is an all healthy oats green poha made of plain oats, coriander leaves and more.

Oats Green Poha Ingredients
You can easily guess most of its ingredients. But the measurements are most important.

Oats Green Poha Ingrediants Serves 2-3 people
2 cup roasted Oats1/2 cup moderately sliced onion1 teaspoon ginger-garlic paste (adhrak lasun)1/2 cup finely sliced potato1/4 cup raw/roasted/boiled peanuts (seeng)1/4 cup green peas (matar/vatana)1/2 cup ground coriander leaves (dhaniya pattha)4-5 curry leaves2 small green chillies1/2 lemon1 teaspoon oil1 teaspoon mustard seeds (rai)1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds (jeera)1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder (haldi)Salt to taste
How to make Oats Green Poha
Heat oil in a Kadai.Add mustard seeds and cumin seeds one after the other.Add onion and ginger-garlic paste.Add potato, mix and add wa…

Corpokshetra Review – Deepak Kaul

Book name: Corpokshetra – Mahabharata In The MBA Yug
Author: Deepak Kaul
Publisher: Bloody Good Book

An out of the box thinking, that’s the power of a book author. And Corpokshetra author, Deepak Kaul, has done exactly that.Who would have pictured Duryodhana visiting the Starbucks, or Duryodhana inviting the Pandavas for poker game over the Whatsapp? Kaul has made us do that!
Mahabharata is well depicted in today’s corporate world. Hastinapur Enterprises, Indraprastha Airlines, all entities are well in place. Despite of knowing the popular story, you will be certainly glued to the book till the end. The humour and flow of the story keeps you engaged. The heavy thick books and hundreds of episodes are intelligently concise in this 142 pages Corpokshetra making it a quick read.

The epic has been recreated and inspired many authors and filmmakers. Some of them excelled while some couldn’t pick it up. Deepak Kaul belong to the first category. The light-hearted nature of the boo…

Vermicelli Vegetable Upma Recipe

We are so fond of Vermicelli Kheer. A simple mixup with milk and sugar makes it a delicious dessert. But instead if you are looking forward for a quick bite with evening tea or coffee, then Vermicelli Upma is an ideal dish to dwell in. Add some vegetables into it and make it a healthier option.

Vermicelli Vegetable Upma Ingredients
Serves 3-4 people
2 cup roasted Vermicelli1/2 cup moderately sliced onion1/4 cup moderately sliced tomato1 teaspoon ginger-garlic paste (adhrak lasun)1/2 cup finely sliced capsicum1/4 cup green peas (matar/vatana)1/2 cup ground coriander leaves (dhaniya pattha)4-5 curry leaves2 small green chillies1/2 lemon1 teaspoon oil1 teaspoon mustard seeds (rai)1/2 teaspoon urad dal1/2 teaspoon chana dal1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder (haldi)Salt to taste
How to make Vermicelli Vegetable Upma
Boil Water in a deep pan. Put off the flame, add Vermicelli and a pinch of salt. Cover with lid for 5 minutes. Then drain all water and keep aside.Heat oil in a Kadai.Add mustard …

California Pizza Kitchen Review – Infiniti 2

Burdened with load of work,
Looking at desktop screen like a jerk,
On a Friday already feeling sickened,
I stepped into California Pizza Kitchen.

Alright, that was a lame one. But that exactly described my Friday morning at work. To turn the day into something better, I stepped into California Pizza Kitchen in Infiniti 2 mall on link road, malad. I knew only a pizza can apply some cheese on my disturbed brain. There goes a lame one again!
CPK is surely a place that a pizza lover shouldn’t miss. This Italian cuisine can be made so creatively and eaten without getting your stomach full within the first few bites here, unlike other pizza restaurants. After going through a long list of pizzas, I landed over Kasturi Paneer Pizza which was quietly hiding in veggies section. Not that the chics have ever betrayed me, but I prefer paneer over any live food. After finalizing the pizza, I went on for some beverage. The red drink couldn’t slip away from my eye balls. And I ordered a cran…

Bhima – The Man in the Shadows Book Review – Vikas Singh

Book: Bhima – The Man In The Shadows
Author: Vikas Singh

Passionate, action-filled and humorous.

That’s Bhima by Vikas Singh summed up in three phrases. Beautifully enlightened Bhima’s feelings, this book has covered every aspect of the great warrior’s thoughts. His caring nature towards the love of his life, his feelings towards his brothers, his affection towards his parents are so amazingly penned down that the reader will be left amazed.

As rightly said by the author, Bhima – The Man in the Shadows, He was indeed the one. So why is he addressed as “in the Shadows”? Because in the front were Yudhisthira and Arjuna. If you are aware about Mahabharata, all you know about the second Pandava was that he is a muscled man who can put down anyone with his mere strength. Least did we know about the sensitive side he had. Thanks to Mr Vikas Singh, he enlightened us with it. Some of the lines are truly touching for readers.

“What would have I done if I were in his place.
Maybe I …

Basic Veggie Toast Recipe with left-over bread

So you bought a huge pack of bread slices. Had 70% of it. Now the rest of the slices are waiting in the refrigerator to become part of your meal. Ohh! Don’t do that to your bread. Don’t make them wait any longer. Here’s a simple recipe for your evening bites.
This is the recipe for toasts made of 3-4 bread slices. Serves 1-2 people.
Ingredients for Veggie Toast: 1 small sized Onion1 small sized Tomato1 tea spoon Ginger pasteHalf bowl Coriander leavesHalf teaspoon Vinegar3-4 white or brown Bread slices1 teaspoon OilTomato ketchupVeggie Toast Recipe:
Fry long sliced onions in oil.Add finely chopped tomato and ginger paste.Fry till onions and tomatoes are cooked.Put off the gas and add chopped Coriander leaves & Vinegar and let it cook in the leftover heat.Keep the topping mixture aside.Let the bread slices enjoy a heated pan till they turn golden and hard.Cut the slices diagonally and fill it with your toppings. Add cheese if desired. But if you worry about those extra flabs, just …