Bachpan ki yaadein

Past fades but memories stay. Most special memories among those are the childhood memories. We played, we laughed, we fell, we danced, everything we did has a special place in our hearts. Be it meeting up cousins, visiting nearby park or playing hide and seek with friends, everything had a magical joy hidden.

Well, that was many years back. There is so much I wish today's kids enjoyed. I remember we used to enjoy Mario game on our video games. The 64-in-1 cassette had some wonderful games like Mario, Islander, Battle city etc. Talking about cassettes, I remember how we used to wait for latest movie cassette to arrive at the shop and grab them as soon as they come. And using a pen or pencil to re-listen side A of the cassette.

Nowadays favourite pastime for kids are mobiles and social media. Back then we had outdoor games like pakda-pakdi, kho-kho, langdi, lagori etc. Most fun filled times were those when we used to play in the mud. Our hands, legs, clothes would get dirty with mud and mothers were always prepared to shower their scoldings. Nowadays such outdoor games have somehow managed to vanish. Surely, social media and internet allows us to connect to the world and get information just using few taps on the keys. But the going through the books in the library gave a unique pleasure to book lovers like me.

Today the cartoon shows aired on television are quite different from ones we enjoyed. The Tom and Jerry show made us laugh our guts out. Now I can't find one show even close to it. But I have the episodes of the show saved on my laptop. So I'll make sure my kid doesn't miss it.

Going to the park with locality friends was something we did daily. But now with the shopping malls and their food court, parks witness mostly senior citizens and couples. While we loved sev puris and coconut water, kids easily gulp down McDonald's burger and KFC chicken.

Many such activities which were enjoyed by us 15-20 years back are not a part of life of kids today. So flintobox has come up with innovative idea for kids and to cherish their childhood.

Flintobox creates award-winning discovery boxes filled with fun exploratory activities and games for children in the age group of 3-7. If you wish to gift Flintobox to your child, niece/nephew, or friend’s child, use the exclusive coupon code WELCOME to avail Rs. 250/- off.


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