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Smart Phone, Smarter Internet

Waiting, waiting and still waiting! Eager to watch an AIB video on YouTube, I clicked the link on my smartphone. Popped open the YouTube app with pixels moving in circular motion. That's all! And it moved on forever. I kept aside my smartphone which didn't behave smart anymore and dozed off. After 30 minutes of nap, I checked and there it is, still revolving in happiness. Ugh! I don't want to watch the video anymore was my reaction immediately.

This happens to us often. Mostly with a 2G internet connection and sometimes with 3G as well. The result of it is frustration and unsatisfactory experience with the telecom operator. To avoid this Airtel has introduced 4G plans. 4G, as we all know, would be the fastest of all networks on mobile. Instant downloads and uploads is all a smartphone user needs and that is fulfilled by Airtel 4G.

With the emerging use of social media websites, frequent internet searching for information, checking of emails and online shopping, faster spee…