Missed the match? Not any more!

It was one of those days when 2 countries wouldn't want to move away from their televisions. One hurrayed on their victory while the other cursed their team players. Yes, it was a India Pakistan match. It was a World Cup match, but such matches are not ideally for the World Cup. They are just for victory.

Most of us wouldn't miss such a match but what if you are forced to stay away from the television? Well the internet boom has given us more options like websites giving live scores on automatic refreshes, friends sharing the scores through updates and posts. But these are not all. Recently I found out a new method through which we can stay updated with cricket match scores. Its the UC Cricket feature of UC browser. UC browser was always meant to be fast with the loading of websites as compared to any other browser in the universe. But this new feature has banged it on for the cricket lovers. Live matches, upcoming matches and results for ones which have already been played are just on your fingertips. Also on one click a notification bar appears on your home screen. Isn't that just awesome?

Not just UC cricket, this browser has beforehand created shortcut icons of popular websites like Amazon shopping, Quikr, Olx, Facebook, Google, Snapdeal and many more. Other shortcuts like top sites, download zone, shopping utility, fun time make your tasks much easier on the browser. So the goal of faster browsing is achieved with just a click on these icons.

UC Cricket is not just about the scores. It is a whole bunch of task for cricket lovers. There is news about cricket which will keep you updated about matches, team players, match venues and schedules and many more. You can also view cricket videos with award winning wickets, catches etc. Also there are photos showcasing amazing shots by the players, players dancing in excitement and lifting each other, catch taken while flying in the air and many more. Interested in a game with your colleagues or friends? UC browser has that too.There are multiplayer games and single ones too like Guess the Cricket Star, Hit Wicked Cricket, World Cricket War, Cricket Tap 20 etc. There's a section for quotes by the popular team players. One of the quotes I read and liked is "They were calling me a spoilt brat, and I said may be that's the way I am. You guys hate me and I like that". This one is by Virat Kohli. Users who are looking forward to learn cricket also have something in it - Cricket School. The name says it all. Do check out if you are one of them.
Do watch the video featuring the awesomeness of UC Cricket. Not interested? Well, you would be, if I tell you it has our loving Yuvi in it ;)


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