Honey Diet - A Healthy Diet

I go for a health check up one fine day. There's cholesterol check, blood pressure check, diabetes check, sonography, ECG and many more tests. My blood and urine go through many microscopes and chemicals. When the result is out I find out I have high cholesterol and high BMI. I am asked to reduce fatty foods. I get so worried that I go on a crash diet. No proteins, no vitamins, no calcium. In fact I eat so less that eventually I start craving for food. On day 1 of diet I see a piece of cake, but I'm well aware of my health check up results. So I resist. On day 5, again I see a piece of cake. This time my resolution is getting shaky, but some how I resist. On day 10, again I see a piece of cake. But this time I am like a hungry lion. I just pounce on the cake and finish it up. Post this, I am not able to control on any of my cravings. I just gulp down everything on my way, even when I am not hungry. This is the end result of a crash diet. In crash diets, we often tend to reduce fats and muscles in the first few days, but when we are unable to control our cravings, only fats are back because of the food we eat to fulfill the cravings.

If I had followed a proper healthy diet with occasional fulfilling of my cravings, I would have rather  gone quite far with taking care of my health. A healthy diet actually needs to be an intelligent one like replacing canned juice and soft drinks with fresh fruit juice, replacing sunflower oil with olive oil etc.

A Honey Diet is another option which had been behind the curtains since long. Its known to few but hidden from many of us. Honey is a very good substitute for sugar. A banana milkshake is  an excellent source of proteins and calcium. But you might ruin it all if you use sugar to make it sweet and yummy. One spoon of honey can bring the magic in the milkshake and also look after your good health.

Another diet practiced by many people is the mixture of hot water, lemon and honey. This has to be taken every morning and evening and you'll just see the magical difference in that flab and better results in your next health check up.

Its not just about milkshakes, sugar intake should be replaced in everything you eat or drink - tea and coffee included. Most of us like our tea to be perfect every time. You might think of putting honey in it could just ruin the taste. Well that's true. But why not try it for a week? May be you'll just start liking it that way.

So ditch sugar and give a thumbs up to honey today!


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