Ek Nayi League - A Curious Case

Recently Mr. Kapil Dev and his discussions have been trending on social media. Being an all rounder in cricket most of the Indians and international cricket lovers praise him. He has created a brand image for himself since he has stepped into cricket. This brand image brings in curiosity and interest in everything he does. This time he has come up with some new thing called Ek Nayi League which is trending on twitter with the hashtag #EkNayiLeague.

Kapil Dev's official twitter account and newly created twitter account for this Nayi League are creating the buzz around it. Twitter users are excitedly following up with the new hashtag. But the purpose and anything about the Nahi League, has been kept hidden. Neither Kapil's official account nor Ek Nayi League's account is disclosing anything. All the users are left with are a couple of videos on YouTube and a lot of curiosity.

So, what is this Ek Nayi League? Or rather, what could it be? Let's do some CIDgiri. Since it has the legend of cricket, it should be something related to cricket. May be, series of matches, just like IPL. But there's no point in introducing a new IPL like game unless it is banned because of the match fixes, grudges among the players, oppositions on cheer leaders and other such silly reason. But that is very unlikely to happen. So assuming IPL is here to stay, this Nayi League can't be series of matches.

Kapil Dev says in the videos "Dil se khela toh apki toh googly" and "Dil se khela toh apka toh hit wicket", which means two things: 1 - Its surely a game as it involves playing 2 - It has to be played using brain and not your heart. Hmm, playing with brain could mean some quiz show. Wow, I have always loved Bournvita Quiz Contest and Kaun Banega Crorepati. Hope the Nayi League turns out to be something like that, but being Kapil Dev involved, it could be a quiz show with questions around cricket. Also, since it's a league, it will not end with a single player winning away some cash money at the end of the hour. The player may have to play for entire season. Possibly its not about a single player. Its about multiple players, participating at the same time and putting their brains to work.

Kapil Dev will soon launch the league, and curiosity behind the whole league story will end. But that will be the onset of new excitement around the show. There has also been a contest around this on the official website of Ek Nayi League. The participants have to guess what the league could be about and win Rs. 1 lakh.


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