Tiny Happiness and Celebrations

We often end up aspiring for the bigger happiness and highest tower. While we put our efforts in reaching our destination, we overlook the smaller events and happy moments that come during the journey of life. We all are aware of this fact. Yet we tend to do the same thing every time.

True power of education
Our high school or college days are one of those stages of life when some of us worry about our career so much that we miss enjoying those golden days. We do not dive completely into education we are offered. Instead focus on exams and scores. When we step out of the institute and land up with a decent job, we hardly think about the learnings and knowledge. All we are left with are responsibilities and busy schedule. Happiness doesn't come with the exam scores, it comes with the knowledge we gain and remember it even after a decade.

Same goes for me. But although I didn't take advantage of the true power of education during my college days, I am now beginning to do that. Learning should never stop. We grow with knowledge and that gives me utmost happiness.

Following those smaller dreams
We all have small aspirations and dreams which are quite different from those bigger dreams. In the effort of achieving bigger dreams like having a fat bank balance we set aside the smaller ones like clicking photographs, excelling in art, or dance etc.

My dream is to dive into art and bring the best out of me. So whenever I find time from my busy schedule I indulge myself into some kind of art like henna designing, decorative cake baking, hand made embroidery, kundan rangoli and more. It gives me immense joy and the much needed break from the routine home and office work.

Travel around
I love traveling with my life partner. We often take time for our busy schedule and explore new places. Places we travelled so far since our togetherness are some local places like lonavala, lohagad, murud janjira, some not so local places like aurangabad, ratnagiri, Kolkata, Jamshedpur and some international destinations like mauritius, Thailand and Singapore. Searching for the place, planning our trip and visiting the place together gives us the happiness we need.

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