Great Memories make Great Life

It was many years ago when I had done a very simple thing for my friend and she got so delighted that she still remembers it after 7 years and thanks me for it. I had never thought in my dreams she will be touched so deeply. It was just something I thought will bring a smile on her face and yes it did, but the only difference was it comes back every time we talk or meet up.

It were our graduation days when Saloni and I met. Within few days we became such great pals that we would share every happiness and every sorrow with each other. Studying, hanging around, shopping, eating, anything that came within college hours saw our togetherness. Yes, the onlookers obviously found it strange, but we enjoyed each others company. The 3 graduation years of togetherness were magical for both of us. We didn't spend time in unwanted things like most of them do in their graduation days. Studies and enjoyment went hand in hand.

Those days I had a great craze for photography. I used to click photos of every bird, tree, human, building and wall. Although I couldn't afford a DSLR camera, my Sony cybershot didn't let me down either. The amazing pictures it gave always encouraged me to click more. Among my collection of pictures, resided pictures of Saloni too. I used to click our pictures on every occasion - birthday celebration, college festivals, saree day, last day of exams - just anything. The weird thing was we looked at the pictures once, that is, as soon as it was clicked. We never thought of looking at them after the day.

Days passed and it was the final semester of the final year. We knew that after few months we'll get so busy with our lives that it will be difficult for us to spend time together. But we decided that we would meet up whenever we need each other or just hang out at least at our favourite restaurant named Campus near our college. As the days of separation came near, I decided that we should have something to not let the memories fade away. That's when I glanced at a folder on my computer machine. It was named "camera pics". I opened it and to my surprise found more than 3000 pictures. They were clicked in the last 3 years. As I browsed through them I realized how Sonali and I have never missed a moment of happiness and all was captured in the camera. It showed how we grew through every experience. I decided that I'll select the best pictures and create 2 copies of our album of togetherness - one for both.

She was absolutely delighted when she saw it. That day I realized that a small deed done from your heart can bring great happiness for others and yourself.

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