Earth Day: For the Planet we live on

A mother tells her child to keep the house clean while she is away. The kid agrees. But when the mother steps on the road, she checks her handbag and throws unwanted papers and dirt on the street. Why? To keep her bag and her house clean. But what about the street she's walking on? Doesn't it deserve cleanliness?

They say Save Water. Its scarce. How many of us do? They say Plant Trees. They'll help us breath. How many of us actually plant trees? They say Avoid Plastic Bags. But its one of our daily necessities, so we ignore. Such ignorance towards most of the good things has landed us here. Today it has become a priority to look after nature. Let's not ignore our nature and our earth. We have just one.

Earth day is celebrated on 22nd April. But is just 22nd April the day when we should care about or spread the awareness? No! It has to be 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A small step taken by us and simple good habits will lead us to a better future. Here are few steps which can be part of your daily life.

Let that water tap be off when not needed. Scrubbing your palm with soap or brushing your teeth in front of the wash basin, you can put off the tap.

Plant a tree/sapling at least once in a year. It could be any day: Your birthday, Earth day, The new year or on a bright Sunday.

Save trees by using lesser paper. Why not work digitally when you can? The more paper you use, more trees are made to fall.

Keep your environment clean. Its not just your home that needs cleanliness, your surrounding does too. While traveling, preserve the waste till you find a dustbin. Isn't this one easy?

My shopping bag made of cloth
Avoid plastic bags and if you have one reuse it. Preserve those plastic bags for next use instead of throwing them in the bin. Purchase or get cloth bag for your grocery shopping which can carry the weight and will last long. Obviously they are washable too. Trust me, money spent on a cloth bag never goes waste.

Walk or ride a bicycle: Human powered transportation are always better than those powered with fuel. So let's ditch the car and bike, and choose bicycle for short distances. It will not just be earth friendly, but save your fuel, get away from the traffic and help you stay fit.

Let your actions inspire others. Good deeds begins from home. If you  have started your contribution towards saving earth, spread the word. Educate others. Let's end the ignorance.

One organisation which spreads awareness to save earth is Green Yatra. Let's join the movement and do our bit for the planet we live on. Here's a soothing music video by Studio NH47 for the auspicious Earth Day.


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