Quikr - No fikar, khareed Quikr!

Asked to buy worth 1000 bucks by 5,
Will not miss the chance even if asked to die.
OK no more would I dare to lie
Can't frame more so I end up with a sigh.

That reminded me of high school days when I used to frame up rhyming lines and act like a great poet. While browsing through Quikr 's website I experienced the same kiddo like feeling. Clothing, jewellery electronics every thing is showcased on that website. I was given an opportunity by Quikr.com and Blogadda.com to shop for Rs. 5000. So with the target of Rs. 5000, I had shortlisted products at least worth Rs. 50,000! Which one to ignore? Which one deserves 2nd preference. None actually.. But not being a splurger, I had to choose only Rs. 5000 worth products.

So I started browsing through the Mobiles & Tablets block and opted for Tablets in Malad west. Link: http://mumbai.quikr.com/Tablets/w18238047

There I found tablets by ASUS, HCL, Samsung and many more. But the product that caught my attention was not actually a tablet. It was this Amazon kindle at Rs. 4000. 

Amazon Kindle Touch Ad on Quikr

Heap of Books
First question struck my mind. Do I need it? Then I looked at my heap of books.. Dan Brown, Chetan Bhagat, Jeffrey Archer all names looked at me with pity. Yes! I need a kindle! If I can read a novel without carrying the bulky book, if i can carry multiple books at a time without increasing the weight of my bag, if I can read through an electronic device without hurting my eyes, then why not have the Kindle. 

I instantly contacted the seller by Quikr message as the seller had not listed his number. So I dropped my number in the message and asked the seller to call me. He called within an hour. I asked all details about the kindle like how old it is, how much had he used it, any problems with the kindle etc. When asked to decrease the price he said quality of the kindle is so good that he is not ready to decrease the cost. I was quite satisfied with he way he talked although he didn't agree to decrease the cost. A trust was built within the 5 minutes talk we had. I concluded the call saying I'll think about the deal and call back. I thought of discussing it with one of my friend who is a techie and might know about kindle and buying electronics much more than me. He said its a good deal and accept it for the cost. I was like Thank God! I would have gone in depression if I couldn't buy it! But he also advised to check the kindle thoroughly before paying the money to the stranger.

Now I was all set to call up the seller and get the kindle. We decided to meet at a place located at equal distance from his and my home. Punctual he was.. Arrived on time. As advised by my friend, I checked the kindle, used it for few minutes.. Bingo all was fine! Cover, as told, was of good quality. I gave the money and got it home.. Here it is..

My Personalized Amazon Kindle Touch

Now its time for the 2nd product. This time I was certain of what to buy.. A hair straightener.. I had always wished for it but was doubtful if it was worth spending. This time I made up my mind and decided to buy one from Quikr. So I started searching for it and entered the Home & Lifestyle block of Quikr and selected Health Beauty Products section at this link: 

Philips Hair Straightener Ad on Quikr

There I found an ad showcasing a Philips Hair Straightener. Pictures looked good. Description was also fine.. Suitable with what I was searching for. This one had the contact number. So I right away called up and asked everything about the product. This time I showed some bargaining skills and got the price of Rs. 1500 to Rs. 1000. After some arguing and some convincing, he agreed. 

There were 2 problems however. 1 - The seller stayed quite away from my place and I wouldn't prefer to travel that far. But luckily he said he'll be coming my way soon so handing over the hair straightener wouldn't be a problem. 2nd problem was a bigger one. How do I make sure that the straightener worked correctly before giving him the money. Actually I couldn't. What if I am left with no hair after using the hair straightener ??? Well i asked for full name of the seller and asked where he works etc. Then I did a little of Google-ing by his name and little Facebook-ing. There I found a mutual friend. Phew! This gave me some relief. I have someone to verify this person. That mutual friend was an office colleague of mine who had worked with the seller in the same workplace. I got to know that he is a trustworthy kind of person and wouldn't cheat someone with such tricks. 

So we decided the place and time and we met. I got the hair straightener. 1st thing I did after coming home was use it! It worked just awesomely and my hair sparkled after straightening :)

Styling my hair with my Philips Hair Straightener

Quikr is indeed the best place to buy used products.By the way, you wouldn't believe, I have sold 5 mobile phones and 2 Nautica watches on Quikr at best price.


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