Word up with the Blogging Heroes - BigRock - IndiBlogger - BlueFrog

3rd indiblogger event.. 2nd visit to blue frog.. 1st time listening to blogger speakers!

That in a nutshell was the word up event for me. With the heroes of blogosphere, you don't have to worry that your day will get spoilt. Among the biggies were...

It starts...
Amit Agarwal - the labnol creator Snigdha Manchanda - tea expert and story teller
Harsh Agarwal - SEO expert
Lakshmi Rebecca – The Chai pal
Sunit Singh – Clear trip designer
Vinit Goenka – The social activist
Scherezade – Fashion expert
Varun Krishnan – The phone expert: The Fonearena.com Guy
Anshul Tiwari – the voice raiser at Youthkiawaaz.com
CS Krishna – acting legally with UnRealTimes

The event was organized by BigRock and IndiBlogger. Honestly, I decided to attend this event just for Amit Agarwal as I am a religious follower of labnol.org, Amit's tech blog. I had been through the other names on IndiBlogger event page, but they didn't really entice me. I assumed they are just someone - may be not so well known like Mr Agarwal. But I realized how wrong I was when I attended the event. We often forget the world is full of knowledge and we are just aware about 1/10th part of it. For me its rather 1/100th part. When the other speakers shared their life experiences and knowledge I was simply left jaw dropping. Like, Snigdha Manchanda the ninja story teller explained that in suspense, thriller or any story with a villain, how important it is too describe the villain efficiently. It plays a huge role in the success of the story. Longer the story listener/reader remembers your villains more successful the story turns out to be.

WordUp shouts on Twitter
The speakers at the event were moreover those who began with blogging when it was not even considered that blogs will be read by anyone. They started with this profession when internet was accessed by hardly 5% of Indian population. Still they blogged and expected to bring about a revolution. Yes they succeeded.

Not to miss out, the event was not only about speakers. It was an IndiBlogger meet up. So all the bloggers at the venue didn't miss a chance to introduce themselves, chat about their blogs and take selfies with fellow bloggers. Among them was a 13 year old boy- a regular blogger. This was his first IndiBlogger meet up. Well, when I had touched that age I was too scared to touch the keyboard.

Bloggers @ the Frog's Footprints
Awesomely planned and executed, nobody attending the event was let down. Everyone was greeted with gifts and bid goodbye with some more gifts. A BigRock branded backpack, an amplifier-cum-speaker, a .me domain (Yes I got a .me domain... Here it is: archana.me), an IndiBlogger Tshirt. And did I forget to say I won a lump sum amount in a number guessing game? Never felt so lucky!! J

Blue Frog took care of our food cravings. From sandwiches to pastas, tea to desserts everything was taken care of. A fellow blogger who was a Jain by caste, didn’t touch the food when he saw fleshy legs at the counters. But he was served with an amazing creamy pasta dish by one of the Blue Frog member.


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