Heading towards her Gateway

After many years of planning, I finally managed to visit her. In spite of living in the same city, I always just had the thought of actually stepping out of my house and head towards her door step, but never actually did! The guiltiness grows even more when I realize that I had been very close to her several times for various events like Kala Ghoda festival, Mumbai Marathon, Leopolds, a walk at the Marine Drive,.. But didn’t take the efforts to stopover in her area.

But the day had finally come! After having a yummy continental lunch at CafĂ© Mondegar, I headed straight walk towards Churchgate. Stumbled in the street market and checked out the beautiful artifacts, ornaments, bags, clothes and everything else that would charm a woman. But, I didn’t get distracted. I knew my destination very well. When the market ends, I took a left and the cool breeze touched my waving hair. There I felt I am so close to her. Now.. a few more steps and I’ll be able to see her.

Pigeons love her too...
Yeah, there she is! Standing high! Surrounded by sea on one end and Taj Hotel on the other. Admired by Indian and Foreign visitors – Gateway of India. A food outlet besides the monument selling not-so-tasty food was crowded with the visitors. I had a falooda which was actually worth half the amount of what the outlet charged. After the useless food or eatable (whatever it was) I headed to my long lost love. On the way, the chana seeng walas, ice creamwalas, instant photographers kept distracting. But I kept walking. The amazing view of Taj on the way made me halt for a few minutes and I looked high at the beautiful structure. Fearing my betrayal will break a heart today, I again started heading towards her. A few more footsteps and I was welcomed by security guards who touched me and my bag. Next welcome was by the Gateway with open arms (rather an open ground) filled with kids, families, couples, photographers and more.

The Beauty

The Taj
Gateway of India is truly a tourist attraction in Mumbai which should not be missed. Be it a visitor from Mumbai, any other city in India or a foreign country, this place is a must visit. It’s not just the monument that you’ll fell in love with. It’s the surrounding – Taj Hotel, the waterfront, ferry rides towards Elephanta caves, Alibaug and Mandwa. An ample space for you to look around, the ferries starting from Gateway and moving away to get disappeared within minutes. The staircase located in front of the monument is the resting area for the visitors and tourists and stare at the beauty. 

From the staircase


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