Chapter 15: The Suspects


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The story continues..

While Shekhar desperately waited for Roohi and his nightmare to end, he wondered what kind of torture his little child Sophia must have gone through. How much pain she must have experienced while she was away. Why such a monstrous treatment would be given to a 9 year old girl?

His heart wept when the investigation officers said,
“She was tortured physically and mentally for 6 months. No part of her body - internal and external, was spared from the torture. Finally when her body couldn’t take the pain anymore, her soul left the body and got dumped by the killer.”

Shekhar couldn’t forget the day he had heard her last voice. Although he was on the phone, he could visualize what must have happened when Sophia was just about to call Roohi.

He thought,
‘I wish I had stayed with them. I wish I hadn’t come back. With more people around, may be the killer wouldn’t have thought of breaking the window glass and kidnapping her from her house. May be she would have still been with Roohi and me….’ Little did he know that the actions were planned long time ago.

 *     *     *     *     *

Tara had got used to the way others treated her. She would usually be left alone even in a crowd with family members, friends or colleagues. And in a way she liked it as it allowed her to be the way she wants to be. She was never happy living with Shekhar as he was quite her opposite.

Both were supposed to take care of Roohi and Sophia. Shekhar took his responsibility gladly. But Tara couldn't take their giggling, smirking and running all around the house. It irritated her. It made her beat them up till they get hurt.

*     *     *     *     *

While watching Cyrus and JJ moving out from a corner of his eye, Duryodhan immediately picked the phone and set up a plan to keep an eye on them. The case being on priority, he didn’t want to miss a single clue left by the suspects which were Cyrus and JJ currently. Pressing the phone receiver on his left ear, he waited for his informer to give their location update.

Their first halt was at a cafĂ©. He instructed the informer to grab a nearby table and listen to their conversation. All he could hear were the facts already known to Duryodhan, except for Aryan Ahuja who stayed in Mumbai. On investigating about this new character in the case, he found out Aryan to be Dutta’s neighbor. Duryodhan didn’t want to rely on his present informer any more. He chose to fly to Mumbai and personally witness Cyrus and JJ’s next plan of action.

While the duo entered Aryan’s house, Cyrus could sense someone watching them from the street near the gate, but a quick glance didn’t help him discover anyone. However he got an assurance from Aryan that the  security inside and around his house is quite efficient to prevent any such interception.

All Duryodhan could do now was wait in his vehicle till his suspects get out of Aryan’s house.

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