Univercell Sync Colaba - Indiblogger Event Experience

Yippie, another IndiBlogger event had come and we were excited as ever for this one too. Univercell, the mobile phone and accessories store gave us the opportunity to know more about them. A well organized store with amazing experience for its visitors.

All the mobile phones and accessories are placed so strategically that nobody will get confused on what they are looking for. The camera lovers, music lovers have a dedicated section where they can spend hours looking at the devices and know more about them. Kids need not get bored with their parents and parents need not constantly keep an eye on their kids wondering what mischief they’ll have to witness. Kids are kept busy at the tablets section with games and wonderful seating arrangement for the little ones. There’s a new & noteworthy section displaying the newly arrived phones and accessories. Best part about Univercell that I liked is that they have displayed a checklist in each of the sections which will help the buyer purchase the right product they’ll need without regretting later.

The creative head of the store gave us complete information about the brand and their offerings with a tour of the entire showroom. We got to click pictures of the beautifully designed showroom. It is well designed with relevant pictures and backgrounds. For e.g. a wall filled with Smileys, ladies clicking their selfies, the fun area where one can click pictures within a frame, my God, that is so us! They know well what their customers would like.

With the growing trend of online mobile purchases, the mobile & accessories stores are just a medium to look at the phones physically whereas they are actually purchased online because of the discounts & offers buyers get. But Univercell gives a little extra for the amount we pay which no website or store gives. They give an years service for your phone if it gets damaged by chance by getting it repaired at the ease of your home. They pick it up from your home or office or any place, get it repaired by the authorized service center and return to your preferred place. Also they give a replacement phone if you require. I found this service simply amazing. Which store has it?

Have a look at the video. It explains my experience in the showroom in greater detail. Do share if you like it and I'll be thankful to you for the rest of my life ! :D


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