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Godzilla 3D 2014 Movie Review

Here’s my short review for Godzilla 2014 movie.

Roaming around by my self, I saw the banners and posters of Godzilla at the mall which released on May 16. And thought Why not pass my time with the monster. But later I realized that was a bad idea.

Expect nothing & you would never get disappointed.. that has been my motto for life but why did I forget that when I planned to watch this movie :(

Unrealistic plots and underestimated characters didn't really make it worth watching. A Japanese scientist speaking the perfect english and having puzzled look throughout the movie, Japanese monster attacking United states, Godzilla fully displayed only after movie has reached half of it (oh yes, till then it was just the legs and the tail). And since I watched it in 3D, I must say no action thrilled me with the 3d effects.

After the negativism, I would be a little generous to share the good part about the movie i.e. the clash between Godzilla and the 8-legged MUTO (another monster). Th…