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Happy Women's Day

Rocket science or recipes they manage each with expertise. They run proficiently marathons or countries. Ingenious, artistic, intuitive, creative at dinner tables or boardrooms, they bring fresh perspectives. They are empathetic and kind, they can read between the lines. They are beautiful inherently, they nurture unconditionally. Mothers, partners, professionals, friends they play multiple roles successfully With their strong sense of ethics, they enrich the social fabric.

Despite infinite qualities, they are often under-estimated taken for granted, discriminated objectified, abused, battered, bruised. But they never give up the fight for fairness and equal rights. In the face of challenges, they are resilient and relentless.

Let us join their struggles, share their pain fight inequities, inspire change. On International Women's Day let us resolve to make a difference.  Our worlds revolve around them..

Let us celebrate women…