Adventure Travel in Theme Parks

One of the major revolutions in the entertainment industry for the urban population in the last half of the century has been Adventure Travel Destinations like Theme Parks.  Multitudes of entertainment parks have developed over every big city in every corner of the globe, India being no exception. The oldest of them, of course, being the recently taken-down AppuGhar in New Delhi.  A few newer ones, like Fun N’ Food Village in New Delhi, Nicco Park in Calcutta, etc. are also a source of great delight to the urban townsfolk and a source of great profits to the business.


    With the advent of advanced mechanical and civil engineering, the rides, the heart of every adventure theme park, have reached complexities that take anyone’s breath away. More importantly, the biggest concern of any customer in a theme park, safety, has now reached high standards, with next to no accidents or mishaps. That said, the rides could now be made faster and longer and can be designed to increase the dopamine and adrenaline levels of customers to record highs.
One of the oldest of Amusement Theme Parks developed as the massive roller coaster at Blackpool, United Kingdom, closely followed by the Alton Towers at Staffordshire. Today, both of these venues have achieved legendary reputation and are complete recreation resorts with rides for all ages and temperaments.

For those looking to visit a theme park for the first time, the entry into theme parks can come in two ways. One way is to pay a one-time fee at the counter outside before you enter the theme park. This one-time feel gives you unlimited access to all rides in the amusement park for a day. Usually, when you look to have real fun, this is the more economical option. To distinguish you from other customers, you are typically given a card or a wristband you can show during entry to rides. If however, you are looking to be a distant watcher while your children or friends take the rides; there is the option of pay-as-you-go rides for you. In this, you gain entry into the theme park for free, and they have to pay for individual rides that you take, if you chose to take them. Most amusement parks close down after sunset owing to security and safety measures.Therefore, if you want to spend your day at the theme park, make sure you leave early and reach on time for the park to open.

The rides, while offering mechanical safety, do not and cannot possibly guarantee the physical and mental well-being of every individual getting on it. It is hence suggested that people who do not feel comfortable driving themselves to the edge with rides or other stressful activities to not take risks.

In a nutshell, theme parks are 21st century’s entertainment venues and have recreational activities to offer for all age groups, making them quick, inexpensive and delightful day-trip and holiday locations across the world.

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  1. Theme parks have always been interesting to me. I always love the adventure feel I get when I am on one of those rides. Thanks for sharing this marvellous post and making me nostalgic. Hope I get to visit a theme park soon.


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