Get prepared for Mumbai Marathon 2014

Finishing a marathon is an accomplishment that less than 1% of people in Mumbai will achieve. If you have registered, be proud to be one of them.

If you have went through the upcoming Mumbai Marathon 2014 registration, then you have certainly thought of preparing for it. Because be it half marathon, full marathon or dream run, preparation is a must. Even a 6 km walk needs some effort for a person who workout regularly, although the homework required for them would be lesser. So if your schedule is set for early morning or during sunset hours, you have to follow few healthy guidelines to move in the proper direction for getting ready for the marathon rather than getting yourself injured just enough to skip the great event. Oh! by the way, Mumbai Marathon 2014 date is 19th January.

Here are a few tips which you shouldn’t miss:

  • Ensure your stomach is not full before you go for the walk/jog
  • To avoid injury, increase your time and distance gradually. Walking for 10km on day 1 is not an achievement.
  • When you are not in mood/too busy/very sleepy etc etc, take a small step and cut short your training time but avoid skipping it completely.
  • If at all you have missed out a day or two of workout, do not cover up for it. Instead go a level back and get your body prepared again for the workout.
  • Choose a good jogging track or smooth road with least people on your path, so that you can look straight while you walk/jog and go on in a regular speed without dashing others and without hurting your foot. Being a Mumbaikar, it’s difficult to avoid but try to go for roads with least potholes.
  • Do not walk to look good, walk for the goal with your own comfort.
  • Wear a comfortable outfit so that you concentrate on your workout and not on what you are wearing.
  • Breathe as deeply as possible while you are on your feet
  • Let your hands be empty while you workout
  • Have a short warmup exercise before and after the walk/jog. This relaxes your muscles.


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