Adlabs Imagica Theme Park - Must go

When we checked the cost of tickets for Imagica, our answer was an immediate NO. But there was something that made us rethink on our decision – it’s an international standard theme park. Here comes my review for Adlabs Imagica - The Imagica experience is indeed for lifetime. Although the cost is shooted up and located quite far away from the city, but once you visit the amusement park, the money will all be worth the experience.

Imagica ticket bookings:
We booked our tickets on their website 1 day prior to our trip. Before booking the tickets we had done all the enquiry about the park and terms and conditions to visit the park. We also went through Adlabs Imagica reviews before shedding our pockets. Ticket booking can be done by phone or website. While booking tickets on the website, payment had to be done online. The cost was Rs. 1500 per person for the weekend and Rs. 1200 for weekdays.

Mumbai to Imagica
Being located in Khopoli, we had 2 options to reach there: By Neeta Bus and By CST to Khopoli Train. CST to Khopoli trains do not really have good frequency. There was just this 7am train which would reach Khopoli at around 10am. Wondering how to reach Imagica from Khopoli station? Well, Imagica provides free shuttle service from Khopoli station to Imagica at around 10.15am.

The 2nd option was much more luxurious and we opted for it i.e. air-conditioned Neeta bus. It has many pick-up points across Mumbai. We opted for the closest one. Imagica has partnered with Neeta Bus for travel. So travel tickets had to be booked while ticket booking. Pickup+Drop costs Rs. 500 per person. But Neeta bus also gave the option to book tickets at their office.

We reached our pickup point at 7.30am. The bus was to arrive at 7.40am. But the bus arrived at 8.45am. We expected huge traffic on our journey. And that’s exactly what happened. We reached Imagica at 12.30pm!

Adlabs Imagica, Mumbai Pune Expressway
 Finally reached Adlabs Imagica:
Our 1-2 hours being wasted because of Neeta Bus, after entering the park, we immediately rushed towards washrooms to freshen up and then head towards the rides. At the entrance there were a few checks and we were given the map for the park and a yellow wrist band to wear. We don’t actually need to take the map as Imagica has offered a choice to save paper by creating an android app for Imagica. This android app provides the map.

Adlabs Imagica Entrance
Bandits of Robin Hood & Scream Machine
The 1st ride we opted was Bandits of Robin Hood. It was a simple roller coaster-like ride. It didn’t really amaze us much. This gave us the confidence to go for scream machine. This one looked quite exciting. The speed in which it rolls us is worth experiencing. Scream Machine Imagica was indeed of international standard and cannot be missed. We screamed till our throat actually stopped responding. Here are few photos of Scream machine: 

Scream Machine, Adlabs Imagica
Scream Machine, Imagica
Scream Machine, Adlabs Imagica
Swinging around
Scream Machine Bottom View
Legs wide open

Gold Rush Express, Adlabs Imagica
Gold Rush Express

Gold Rush express & Dare to Drop
After the exciting scream machine, we went for gold rush express. Being a theme park, almost every ride here was based on a theme. Gold rush express was about the cowboys and pistols. Although this was just a theme, the ride experience was quite different. It drops you from the height of 66 feet and takes you speeding throughout the ride. 


Dare 2 Drop (D2D)
Dare to Drop
The next one came D2D - Dare to Drop. This one is again a must try ride. We went for it twice. And both the experiences were surpising as you do not know when you would fall staright down. My heart almost popped out! 

I for India, Mr India, Wrath of the Gods & Cinema 360
After D2D we walked towards some theme rides which would not need much physical strain.. I for India, Mr. India, Wrath of the Gods were few of them. In I for India, you are taken for a tour of different places in India in a 4D theatre. The places were captured in a camera while travelling in a helicopter, so while viewing the movie, you actually feel like you are travelling in it. It added to our list of great experience. Some of the places toured in I for India are Ladakh, Kerala, Mumbai, Rajasthan & many more. Wrath of the Gods is another attraction where the importance of air, water and fire are illustrated in an amazing way. Mr India is adopted from the favorite-of-all movie of Anil Kapoor & Sridevi. It is shown in a 5D theatre - another experience not to be missed. Cinema 360 - Prince of dark water is a dome theatre with the story of a mermaid and a prince. The dome gives a 3D experience. 

Curse of Salimgarh
This one is the so called Bhoot Bangla - a seriously haunted ride. A man with blood on his face appears and then comes a lady with white face, black lips, red eyes, scattered hair and stares closely. Here, we are not scared by statues and skeletons, but by real people wearing masks. We screamed hoping the ghosts will runaway. But they seemed to enjoy! And scared us even more. A weak heart person is not advised to step in! 

Rajasauras River Adventure and Deep Space
Rajasauras River Adventure is another ride with roller coaster, Dinosaur and water. There would be dinosaurs coming your way and you’ll somehow escape from them and get wet towards the end of the ride. Deep space is a huge ride in the dark with roller coaster in an enclosed place. You will be turned upside down in the dark. 

There was a huge roller coaster ride under test named Nitro. When we visited Imagica Nito was being tested. On enquiring about it we were told that it will take another month to get fully operational. And we sighed to have missed the chance :( 

Nitro Roller Coaster in Adlabs Imagica
Nitro again..
Red Bonnet American Diner - Food in Imagica
Red Bonnet American Diner
We had our lunch at Roberto’s Food Coaster. It offered Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Indian. We opted for Indian Non-veg Thali. The food was not worth praising but enough to help us regain our energy we lost in the rides. In the evening we went for snacks at Red Bonnet American Diner. The burger, Coke, French fries were filling but again not worth praising. 

Back to Mumbai from Adlabs Imagica
While coming back we didn’t experience any difficulty. Neeta travels took us back to Mumbai with ease. We left the park at 8.30pm and reached Mumbai at 11.30pm. If you are looking for Adlabs Imagica reviews and yet to decide whether to visit, then just stop there and books your tickets for the park. 

Here a few more pics of the park...

Alibaba aur 40 chor
Alibaba & 40 thieves

The View
Imagica Capital
Imagica capital

Another View

Mr. India in Imagica
Mr India - Mogambo Khush Hua

View from the top

Yet another View

Panaromic View

Hmmm.. View :D

And the sun sets


Colors of Imagica

The lights

Red Bonnet Tomato Sauce

I liked the girl in the frame, so clicked :D
What we liked the most about Adlabs Imagica is that after every round of ride, the ride operators clap for the people who enjoyed the ride and bid a good bye with "Hope you enjoyed the ride" :)
Do leave your comment if you have visited Imagica or planning to visit...


  1. How do j reach from khopoli stn to imagica..
    And is imagica in khopoli west or east?

    1. Yash, You'll get shuttle service by Adlabs Imagica which is at 10am from Khopoli station or you can opt for public transport from the station. You can confirm about the shuttle service timings by calling up Imagica at their customer care number: 022 4213 0405. Fortunately, Khopoli doesn't have an east or west.


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