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Adlabs Imagica Theme Park - Must go

When we checked the cost of tickets for Imagica, our answer was an immediate NO. But there was something that made us rethink on our decision – it’s an international standard theme park. Here comes my review for Adlabs Imagica - The Imagica experience is indeed for lifetime. Although the cost is shooted up and located quite far away from the city, but once you visit the amusement park, the money will all be worth the experience.

Imagica ticket bookings:
We booked our tickets on their website 1 day prior to our trip. Before booking the tickets we had done all the enquiry about the park and terms and conditions to visit the park. We also went through Adlabs Imagica reviews before shedding our pockets. Ticket booking can be done by phone or website. While booking tickets on the website, payment had to be done online. The cost was Rs. 1500 per person for the weekend and Rs. 1200 for weekdays.

Mumbai to Imagica
Being located in Khopoli, we had 2 options to reach there: By Neeta Bus and By C…