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Dan Brown - The Author of Symbols and Codes

The author of symbols and codes has come up with his new novel Inferno. All of us are well aware of the fact that he is the expert of symbols, codes, secrets and signs. Blending facts and fiction efficiently Dan brown has come up with books like - Digital Fortress, Deception Point, The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, The Lost Symbol and now Inferno, all of which are dedicated to code and symbols. And one more part which is common in the later 4 novels is Robert Langdon.
Robert Langdon
He is a professor with immense knowledge about symbols and has an excellent problem solving mind. A swimmer by interest, Robert Langdon is scared of elevators as he suffers from Claustrophobia and wears a Mickey Mouse watch gifted by his parents. Some of the books written by this fictional character as said by the author in his books are Religious Iconology, Symbols of Lost Sacred Feminine, The Symbology of Secret Sects etc.
Films out of Dan Brown Thoughts
2 of his books – The Da Vinci Code and Angels a…

Chocolate Cake Recipe made of Bourbon Biscuits

“Baking a cake needs hell lot of work” – This would not be your opinion anymore. Here’s a simple chocolate cake recipe which can be created with the minimal efforts and a packet of bourbon biscuits. The biscuits contain maida, choco powder and sugar, hence your ingredients list for the chocolate cake recipe gets shortened and measurement cups need not be used.

Find below the Bourbon Biscuit Chocolate Cake Recipe. Do read the tips at the bottom before you start preparing your yummy cake:
Bourbon Biscuit Chocolate Cake Recipe Ingredients:
2 packets of bourbon biscuits1 cup milk1 spoon baking powder1 eggHalf tea spoon OilChocolate sauceIcing cream (cone)

Bourbon Biscuit Chocolate Cake Recipe: Crush the bourbon biscuits finely in Grinder and beat the eggPour the milk and beaten egg into the crushed biscuitsBeat the mixture well for several minutesAdd the baking powder and mix againGrease the cake vessel with oilPour the cake mix and bake in the ovenTo check whether the cake is baked properly,…