International World Water Day - How to Save Water?

The festival of Holi is coming up, so has International World Water Day arrived. How are these days related? We know well…

22 March of every year is celebrated as International World Water Day. This day focuses on the importance and management of freshwater resources.

Three fourth of the earth consists of water of which only 1% is available for use. It is this fresh water that is utilized to drink, wash, irrigate farms etc and hence it is very important for our survival. However, the fresh water level has begun to drop across various countries. While the global population increased by about four times between 1900 and 2000, the global water usage saw a six fold increase.  Thus water conservation is necessary to safeguard this fresh water from drying up completely. Less water will mean less food. This will lead not only to people dying of water-borne diseases, but also to people dying from starvation and malnutrition.

How to save water?

So it is the responsibility of each one of us to start acting on water conservation. Below are some simple actions that you can take in your daily lives to save water :-

  • Take necessary action to repair any water leakage in your facility.
  • Close all water taps tightly
  • Keep the water flow of taps to minimum
  • Flush only as much as required and also avoid unnecessary flushing
  • Take required amount of drinking water and avoid wasting the same
  • At your workplace, don’t use Coffee/Tea vending machine to rinse your coffee/tea mugs. By rinsing the mugs you will waste precious drinking water and energy used to warm that water. Each rinse will consume 20 ml. of water and we are wasting about 30,000 liters of drinking water every month only for rinsing cups which is getting cleaned hygienically
  • It's a good day to start spreading awareness about water conservation on International World Water Day.

Water is a shared resource and its management needs to take into account a wide variety of conflicting interests and all our support. How to save water has been well illustrated. Water is a basic requirement for all life forms and as a result water resources are facing an increase in demand and competition among users. The fulfillment of basic human and environmental needs along with socio-economic development are predominantly  dependent on water.

Effective management of water is challenging since it is unevenly distributed in time and space, the hydrological cycle is highly complex and perturbations have multiple effects. Rapid urbanization, pollution and climate change threaten the resource while simultaneously demand for water is increasing in order to satisfy the needs of a growing world population.

"Water, Water Everywhere, Only if We Save" !!!


  1. Thanks for such an informative ideas n suggestions. Very interesting article.

    I know few of the societies who mis use borewell water a lot. several hours their motors they keep on to fill the water tank at each individuals house and tank gets overflow.
    Everyday they wash their house, cars and infront of road foot path using borewell water.
    During Summer they thousands of liters they just spread on terris to just make roof cool and so on... I feel very embraced by seeing this much of water wastage. I convinced many times but they don't understand or accept. Please let me know where I should complain about this or if any contact who can help me to save water. Those societies can have central resorvoier, limited supplyu of water in each household or their water meter should be applied. so many things but need someone influential to implement or force them to implement practically. Please help.
    My email id :

  2. Hi Nikhil, It's great that you are aware about the importance of water. But sadly many of us are not. Your idea of central reservoir and water meter looks sensible.

    If you are from Mumbai you can raise the issue at:
    For other cities too there might be online help available.


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