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International World Water Day - How to Save Water?

The festival of Holi is coming up, so has International World Water Day arrived. How are these days related? We know well…

22 March of every year is celebrated as International World Water Day. This day focuses on the importance and management of freshwater resources.

Three fourth of the earth consists of water of which only 1% is available for use. It is this fresh water that is utilized to drink, wash, irrigate farms etc and hence it is very important for our survival. However, the fresh water level has begun to drop across various countries. While the global population increased by about four times between 1900 and 2000, the global water usage saw a six fold increase.  Thus water conservation is necessary to safeguard this fresh water from drying up completely. Less water will mean less food. This will lead not only to people dying of water-borne diseases, but also to people dying from starvation and malnutrition.

So it is the responsibility of each one of us to start acting on wa…

Chinese Cheese Pizza Recipe

Pizza is something from which we can’t stay away for too long. Instead of waiting for 30 minutes and wishing for a free pizza, why not make one at home.Although that needs some hardwork, it’s really worth. Here’s the recipe for chinese cheese pizza. Below given image is not the one for Chinese Cheeze pizza. It's just an image to crave you for a pizza ;)

Ingredients for Chinese Cheese Pizza:
1 Pizza breadhalf teaspoon Butter
For Toppings:
1 small onion1 small capsicumhalf tomatohalf cup Boneless Chicken pieces / Paneer cubes1 tsp Vinegar1 tsp Tomato Sauce3/4th tsp Soya sauce2 tsp Oilsalt to tastehalf cup pizza cheese (mozarella)
How to make chinese cheese pizza:

For toppings:
Heat oil in a panAdd onion and saute till half translucentAdd tomato and capsicum and saute till half cookedAdd chicken pieces (for non-veg pizza) / Paneer (for veg pizza)Saute till all ingredients are cookedAdd vinegar, soya sauce, tomato sauce and salt and mix wellAnd the topping for your chinese cheese pizza is …