Buy Pepper Spray - Self Defence for Women

I walked into a pharmacist shop and asked if they have a pepper spray. In return I got a shocked look and 5 seconds of silence. In another store, the person at the counter made me repeat thrice "Do you have a pepper spray?.. pepper spray.. small can of pepper spray!". Answer I got was No.

Looking at the number of rapes in our country in the year 2012 i.e. almost 600 in delhi, more than 200 in mumbai, 50s to 100s in kolkata, chennai, bangalore, hyderabad, we know how important it is to carry a pepper spray can for self defence for women. It’s not just meant for females, but it’s for old aged people too. An attacker is always stronger when our mind is in a sub-conscious state i.e. we are thinking something or are disturbed with something.


Pepper sprays are meant to affect the attacker temporarily, hence doesn’t cause any permanent damage. If the spray is applied on a person with asthma or any other breathing problem, it can lead to death. It is illegal to posses the spray without a valid license in many countries across the world, although in India it’s legal. You can buy pepper spray easily nowadays. If you are an online shopper, is a good source with fast delivery.

Some basic features of pepper sprays regardless of their brands are:
  • Small in size; generally 30-40g weight. This make it easily portable. 
  • Can be sprayed from 5-10 feet of distance 
  • Knocks off the attacker for 15-30 minutes and sometimes even for hours. 
  • Sprays could be in the form of stream, fog, cone or foam


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