Induction Cooker or raised cap of subsidised LPG cylinder? Whats your choice?

With the cap of 6 subsidised LPG price cylinders, people started switching towards to electric induction cooker. Now the cap has raised to 9, and we think now induction cooker is of no use.

With a family of four, it was obvious that 6 cylinders is too less. And spending Rs. 900 for the 7th one is unaffordable for a middle class family. An induction cooker is a better option cost-wise. It costs between Rs. 2000 and 5000 depending on brands like Prestige, Philips, Morphy Richards etc.

Most importantly an induction cooker consumes less electricity. I have experienced it for myself. I had bought an induction cooker 3 months back and our electricity bill doesn't show much difference in the numbers. Also, being strictly against energy wastage, I would prefer that energy doesn't get wasted while cooking too. In a cooking gas, the flame is not totally used to heat the vessel. Whereas in an induction cooker, this is not the case. The heat gets transferred to the vessel totally, hence heating the vessel faster than our cooking gas, resulting in electricity saving.

The vessel which should be used for an induction cooker should have magnetic base. Before buying new induction based vessels, do not forget to test your available vessels for such base, by using a magnet and touching it to the base of the vessel.

Advantages of induction cooker:
  • Energy efficient
  • Good replacement for cooking gas
  • uses lesser space
  • Cooks food faster and hence saves time
  • Light weight
  • Safer as there are no open flames
  • Increase/decrease temperature based on amount of heat required

Disadvantages of induction cooker:
  • The base of the vessel/cookware should not be wet or dirty
  • Being an electric device, the induction cooker should not get wet and keeping the cooker clean is essential
  • Needs vessel with magnetic base only

So, Induction Cooker or raised cap of subsidised LPG cylinder? Whats your choice?


  1. Hi Admin...your points are really true about how'z induction cooker much better than gas. I have also a induction cooker, and now I feel Induction cooker is really cost effective, and I saved a lots of money by using this instead of gas stove. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    philips hd4909 induction cook top

  2. Hey Amrit, that's indeed a great initiative. I own a morphy richards induction cook top and am really satisfied with it. Never expected such fast cooking while I was buying the product. Cheers to the makers :)

  3. The Induction cooktops are certainly a shrude reply for people who are making money by making citizens run behind Renewal of ration cards, Adhaar cards and some other where they bulge their pockets by using poor man.
    Me personally an Electronic design engineer in Mangalore own two of the prestige brand and have full faith that once these cooktops one day replace LPG and its lobby behind.


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