National Energy Conservation Day - 14th December

As the National Energy Conservation Day / World Energy Conservation Day arrives on 14th December in India, have you thought of your first step towards conserving energy? We often preach of conserving energy, avoiding plastic, saving paper etc and point out a finger towards whoever doesn't follow it. But do we realize that while we point out 1 finger towards others, there are 3 fingers pointing towards ourselves? Great deeds should start from your own home. The world will follow.

National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated across India on the 14th of December every year. Also, the same date is observed as World Energy Conservation Day across the world. The objective of dedicating this day as energy conservation day is to inculcate the message of energy conservation in every walk of life. This is a nationwide movement for energy conservation and signifies our commitment to a clean development mechanism.

Energy Conservation focuses on using less Energy and avoiding wastage which can be achieved through increased efficient energy use and with decreased energy consumption. Conservation of energy is a trait that we need to embed into our lifestyle, it is something we need to consciously adapt.

Each one of us have a role to play in promoting energy conservation and efficiency. The amount of energy we consume is directly proportional to its impact on climate and our carbon Foot Print. Energy conservation also provides the additional benefits of lower operating costs and greater competitiveness for the industry.

Small initiatives on this National Energy Conservation Day can bring in a big difference:
  • Switching on only very essential lights.
  • Switching off the lights while you are leaving the room.
  • Shutdown computers when not required
  • Switch-off monitors when you are away from your computer desk.
  • Unplug from the power socket, when laptop battery is in full charge. This will extend the life of your laptop battery as well.
  • Use natural light wherever possible.
  • Take the stairs if possible, it is a healthy habit.
  • Reduce brightness & contrast on monitors. This will protect your eye sight as well.
  • Car pool wherever possible.
  • Print only when necessary.
On this ‘National Energy Conservation Day’, let us move towards a culture where energy conservation become a way of life.


  1. Very good points here you have mentioned.. I do agree that we should start this from ourselves first.


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