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Mumbai to Lonavala Trip - Wax Museum - Bhushi Dam - Tiger Point - Chikki

An year after the big day,
we plan a mini outing,
an escape from this busy world,
in Lonavala we get curled.

Life is different after an year of marriage. Many folds have now opened up. Responsibilities have started building up. But a day away from all the responsibilities is the thing we cannot be denied. After the mauritius trip there was no exclusive time we got for more than a day. So we thought of a night stay holiday and that was at Lonavala.

Traveling from Mumbai to Lonavala:

Reaching Lonavala from Mumbai is no big deal. We had 4 choices: personal car, Volvo Bus, ST Bus and train. We opted for the Mumbai to Lonavala train as it would reach faster than any of the other options. Koyna Express – the train from Mumbai CST to Kolhapur was the one we choose and got our Dadar to Lonavala seats reserved 4 days prior to our journey date. Our journey started 8.55am. We wished to get short naps, but being our anniversary, calls were flooding in continuously. Friends & relatives w…

Top Reasons for Drop in Website Traffic

There are infinite reasons for drop in Organic visits towards your website. Going through the checklist of top reasons might help you find the reason faster.

Find below few reasons for drop in website traffic. (Do mention in the comment if you have more):

Website was down:
Issue: If your website was not opening for certain period, then there would no visits during the same period. This could have happened because of server load, server down etc.
Find it out: In Google Analytics, Go to left side bar: Audience > Overview On the right side, select Hourly and get the hourly report for your website. This will display the visits on an hourly basis. You can compare the hourly visits for the specific days which you are comparing.

Google Analytics tracking code got removed:

Issue: The Google Analytics tracking code got removed from your website. This could happen during some changes being done on the website and the code got removed accidently.

Find it out: In the source code of your w…

National Energy Conservation Day - 14th December

As the National Energy Conservation Day / World Energy Conservation Day arrives on 14th December in India, have you thought of your first step towards conserving energy? We often preach of conserving energy, avoiding plastic, saving paper etc and point out a finger towards whoever doesn't follow it. But do we realize that while we point out 1 finger towards others, there are 3 fingers pointing towards ourselves? Great deeds should start from your own home. The world will follow.

National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated across India on the 14th of December every year. Also, the same date is observed as World Energy Conservation Day across the world. The objective of dedicating this day as energy conservation day is to inculcate the message of energy conservation in every walk of life. This is a nationwide movement for energy conservation and signifies our commitment to a clean development mechanism.

Energy Conservation focuses on using less Energy and avoiding wastage which c…