With U My Best Friend

Lyfe's an heavenly ryde,
Wid u ma Best Friend.
Enjoying d smirks n scraps,
During our college lyfe.

Sharing d notes, books n schedules,
Wid u ma Best Friend.
Sharing d moments n crushes,
n those online chat blushes.

Preparing for practicals n theories,
Wid u ma Best Friend.
At ur home n on d college staircases,
Discussing our last minute study planning.

D special bonding i shared,
Wid u ma Best Friend.
By others as a couple v wer paired,
For which v neva cared.

Ma selfishness took over d relationship,
Wid u ma Best Friend.
n d bonding started to drip,
As d bitterness took over our friendship.

Wen i was away,
From u ma Best Friend.
There was some1 to make ur day,
n some1 who laid roses on ma way.

Today Im so alone
Widout u ma Best Friend.
Leaving behind d thorns in my zone,
D rose petals have now flown.

I’ll always stay
Widout u ma Best Friend.
The sorrows in ur life which I lay,
Will keep us froeva away

I'll miss u a lot,
Ma Best Friend.

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