Mauritius Honeymoon Trip - Watersports, Temple, Ship Models & Chamarel

Here is rest of the 5 days in Mauritus. If you have not read our first 3 days experience then this one’s for you: Mauritius Honeymoon Trip - Calodyne Sur Mer & Port Louis

Adventure at Ile Aux Cerfs:
Getting High
The 3rd day was filled with adventure water sports at waters of Ile Aux Cerfs. We had Under sea walk, Parasailing and speed boat ride. In under sea walk, we got the opportunity to go into the water and place our feet there. We could feed the colorful fishes, touch them and walk inside the water for few minutes. Parasailing and speed boat were quite enjoyable too as we were in the middle of the sea and could just see water all around us. Although I have done parasailing and speed boat ride earlier, having my life along with me during these sports made it all the more special. We also opted for pictures which were taken by the people who operated these watersports. The pictures were given to us in CDs. Although the cost of it was quite high, pictures of our experiences were not to miss in any case.

During this 3rd day trip we found an Indian restaurant near the beach, where we hoped to have some real indian food which we missed since we left India. But to our disappointment, it was just a hope and hardly came even close to actual Indian food. Nevertheless, the beaches made up for it.

 Romantic Candle Light Dinner:
The 3rd day ended with a candle light dinner. Being on a honeymoon trip, we were offered candle light dinner near the beach by Calodyne resort. Although the cool breeze didn’t let the candle to remain lighted for long, someone else was shining mildly on us during the dinner - the moon! It was actually a moon light dinner :) To our surprise, we were offered Indian food for the evening. We stuffed the food into our stomach so much that we could hardly walk towards our room. So we had a short walk at the beach and sat there for an hour.

The 4th day was filled with the south island tour of Mauritius - Le Port, Trou aux Cerfs, Chamarel and Hindu temple.  

Le Port - Manufacturer of Ship Models:

Men @ Work
Our first destination for the day was Le Port. Mauritius is well-known for handmade ship models and Le Port is a Mauritian company which specializes in it. We got to visit the place where they made the ship models and could see how they made the beautiful pieces. The company also sold the ship models at the same place. We went a floor above in the same building and could see ship models of all sizes - small to big been displayed so that visitors could buy them. They ranged from 300 MUR to 5000 MUR depending on the beauty and the size of the ship models.  

Trou Aux Cerfs - The Dormant Volcano:
Trou aux Cerfs is a dormant volcano located in Curepipe town. Of course being dormant, it was hardly appealing to our eyes. Our tour guide by Seaside Holidays explained us how it could become active anytime and destroy the place. Trou aux Cerfs is also known as Murr’s Volcano.  

Chamarel - Seven Colored earths and Waterfall:

Seven Colored Earths
After the volcano, we were taken towards Chamarel. Chamarel is a place rich with nature beauty. We could view 2 beauties here: Seven Coloured Earths and Waterfall known as Chamarel Falls. Seven Coloured Earths featured sands of 7 different colours which appears to be stripped colouring. There is some nominal charge to visit this place (which was taken care by seaside holidays). We took a walk alongside the place to view it from all directions. During the walk, we could see huge tortoises. there were 3 of them and they were placed in a section next to seven coloured earths. Our next visit was Chamarel waterfall which is the highest waterfall in the country. It falls more than 85 metres down. There is a viewing point for this waterfall where tourists like us could view it.

Hanuman @ Hindu Temple
Next destination was Hindu temple located near Grand Bassin lake (Ganga Talao). This temple was dedicated to Lord Shiva, Shri Krishna, Ganpati, Hanuman and many other Gods. The temple allows us to worship statues of Gods and Goddesses. When we were at the temple, it started raining suddenly and we got partially wet. Somehow we ran towards our tour guide’s vehicle and got into it.

As the 4th day came to an end we were totally exhausted and needed rest desperately. So as soon as we arrived in our room we dozed off. After an hour of sleep we got up and got ready for dinner. Dinner at Calodyne resort had all the food items we would wish for. From salads to chocolate dessert, from omlettes to turkey etc. We loved the healthy, less-spicy food we had there, although we missed the typical Indian food. The best part about this was that we forgot our daily routine and live in a totally new world and that was our motive of the holiday.  

Kayaking at Calodyne:
5th and 6th day were meant for our leisure and we made the most out of it. Calodyne offered Kayaking and Pedalos at the beach. We opted for it during noon. For doing these activities, it is absolutely essential that the wind should not be strong. Unfortunately, we went at the wrong time for these activities, we were warned about the strong winds, hence we waited for some time. During this waiting time we enjoyed in the beach water playing around. Then we went for Kayaking. We couldn’t go for Pedalos as none of the boats were available for us. We were provided with the requirements like the boat, life jacket etc for Kayaking. It was a great experience. We rowed from our sea shore to a sea shore which was few kms away from ours. We rowed for around 2 hours, although the distance (to and fro) was hardly 45 minutes. In kayaking it is necessary that both the rowers row in the same direction. But being first timers, our coordination didn't match up and we were rowing in the wrong manner. After Kayaking, our arms pained and hands and legs got tanned. This tanning stayed for a few months after the honeymoon. But we were happy about the experience we had.  

Guy with Pedalos

The Bar @ Calodyne
Leisure Day:
On the 6th day we roamed around the resort and enjoyed the swimming pool, beachside chairs, art & craft store within the resort, restaurant bar etc. There were families who had come to the resort for 2 days picnic. There was one service which we has considered while booking the trip but forgot about while we were there was Wi-Fi! We used this service on the 6th day and accessed some internet on our phones.

Being the the 2nd last day at the resort and the trip, we were feeling sad. Next day morning we had to leave for the Mauritius international airport and then back to Mumbai.

Here ended our Mauritius honeymoon trip. I am writing my experience an year after the trip. Although time has passed by, memories are still intact in our minds.

Cheers :)


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