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A Week Long Mangalore Trip

As I was eagerly waiting for a break from work and regular schedule, here arrives the Mangalore trip – A proper week long trip with 6 days of complete refreshment.
Udupi – a place on the outskirts of Mangalore - is my native place as my parents were born and brought up there, although I am in Mumbai since birth. The wind, the language there, environment, style of living, everything is so dissimilar from Mumbai life that I wouldn’t mind spending a week there every 3 months.
Naag Temple Inauguration
The main motive of the trip was inauguration of Naag temple. As all the family members were supposed to be present in the ceremony, we got a chance to meet up all our close relatives as well as the ones whom I didn’t even thought existed! It felt like a get together for the entire family.

Kapu Temple & Udupi Krishna Mutt Visit
1 day of the trip was dedicated to the 2 temples – Kapu Temple and Krishna Temple in Udupi.
The traveling distance and the hot sun didn’t matter to us on this day …