Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni

The creator of the Mona Lisa painting is known by all – Leonardo Da Vinci. And Da Vinci’s rival? Creator of David? Pieta? The Last Judgment? Yeah, it’s Michelangelo, the sculptor and painter. He’s the one who is usually deprived of recognition and had to fight for it.


Pieta sculpted by Michelangelo before the age of 25 depicts Virgin Mary’s grief over her child, dead Christ.

Michelangelo was granted 450 ducats for creating Pieta which is now equivalent to 30,000 pounds.

As he didn’t receive the recognition for creating one of the most renowned works of art, he made sure he is recognized by inscribing his recognition on the sculpture.
    David -

   The symbol of heroic inspiration for Florentine citizens to develop courage & inner divine strength.

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