First Step Toward Fitness

There were days when I couldn’t even imagine getting up before 8 am. But now, being recently turned health conscious, my phone starts jumping out of the 6 am alarm. To initiate, I opted for the easiest technique to stay fit – a morning walk.

So, with polo t-shirt, track pants, sport shoes and a music player I begin the hard work at a park near my place. Brisk walking – that’s what I plan for, however it doesn’t really work out. Brisk walking along with the numerous park visitors is quite difficult.

Like me, I see many health conscious people – senior citizens, middle aged and young people as well. All have their method of staying fit. Some guys jog with t-shirt and shorts on. That’s so much more effective technique to stay in shape. Some people walk while swinging their hands at 180 degrees. I usually stay away from them fearing I’ll end up having a punch! Some people prefer to go for physical exercises and yoga instead of walking while some go for meditation.

Apart from the walking, exercises, yoga etc another activity that health conscious people opt for is attending the laughter club. Of course this activity is also a type of Yoga, called Hasyayoga. People, usually senior citizens, form a ring and start laughing rigorously. Although initially it is self-activated, gradually it turns out to be a natural one. A good view for me :)

I am not sure how much this little effort of morning walk will affect my health, but a slight transformation has definitely come in my life with a fresh day and bright mind.

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