Spanish language has always pulled me towards itself through its rhythmic resonance. I like the unfussiness and simplicity in the language.

Spanish belongs to the category of Romance Language (uhh, its not what you would assume initially! :D). Romance here corresponds to Roman. Some of the other languages belonging to this category are Latin, French etc.

Español/ Spanish is actually much easier to learn than English. The pronunciations of English words may consume years to learn but Spanish words are spelled exactly how they sound. Hence the pronunciations are much easier to grasp.

For example the alphabet ‘u’ is always pronounced like the vowel sound in ‘moon’ and ‘suit’ and never like the one in ‘cute’ or ‘bus’.

The first few words which I learnt were ‘Hola’ which means Hello (you might have guessed it :P), ‘gracias’ which stands for Thank you (another easy one, which many are aware of), ‘Cómo está’ for How are you and a few more. They were quite easy but actually talking in Spanish is quite difficult until you a get a companion.

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