Ambigrams – Fond of them :D

I found about this font style when I read the Angels & Demons novel written by Dan Brown, wherein the chest of a physicist was branded with ambigram of the word Illuminati. And I got so obsessed with it that I decided to learn to create one.

So, what is an ambigram? Huh, I don’t need to explain it here. Experts like Google and Wikipedia are present for that.

When I decided to learn to create ambigrams, I found how difficult it is and how much of self-learning it needs. Every word’s ambigram creation technique is unique. Experiments need to be carried out using a pen and paper. And moreover, it all depends on an idea. The moment it clicks, you’re done, whereas it might take days or even weeks for that idea to strike.

I went through really impressive ambigrams. Here are some of them:

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