Ovalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden - Picnic Spot for Kids in Mumbai

Ovalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden is an open butterfly garden where you can find different species of butterflies. In this place, specific trees and plants have been grown which attract and breed butterflies. Plants with colourful flowers attract the flying insect.

Butterflies, Flowers and more Many species of butterflies are found here including Blue Mormon, Common Mormon, Glassy Blue Bottle, Striped Tiger Butterfly. Blue Mormon is the second largest butterfly in India. We could spot 2 to 3 Blue Mormons flying around. But unfortunately we could not click pictures of them. The tour guide explains the different stages of the butterfly growth from Eggs to Caterpillar to Pupa. He showed leaves with caterpillar breeding. He also showed tiny eggs of butterflies on some leaves. There were trees with wild bananas on them. But those bananas could not be eaten by humans. They are liked by monkeys as they have bigger seeds than the normal bananas we have. There were rabbits placed inside cage…

Sanju Movie Review: An Attempt to Stay Away from Controversies

The much awaited movie finally hit the theatres today. And i was among the first ones to watch it. Sanju movie was expected to reveal many truths and facts about Sanjay Dutt and his family. But quite disappointed as the movie progressed, I waited for some novelty. And the wait never ended. If you go by the positive Sanju movie reviews given by most of the newspapers, you will be bluffed. Here is an honest Sanju review.It is a typical Rajkumar Hirani movie which has humour and serious talent. All actors were the best. Ranbir was outstanding in Sanju movie. But outstanding acting was not what the audience expected after watching the trailers on television and internet.
There was Drugs, there was AK 56, RDX, Yerwada Jail, that’s it. And yes, Father Son relationship. Nothing else.  No personal life. Limited family mentions, Sanjay Dutts sisters were seen in the movie but poor characters had no dialogues, just a little sobing and smiling.
Almost half of the movie was about drug addiction a…

Never Expected So Soon - A Poetic Mind

I never expected so soon,
I will be drifted away from you,
All plans to come closer to you,
Turned into ashes and flew.

Great moments we had together,
Though they didn't last forever,
My loneliness you cleared away,
Expecting they will never come at bay.

False moments they were,
Dreamy days you gave,
Lie was all over the couch,
Above which we laid.

All I am left with,
Is hatred for you,
All the respect I had,
With carelessness you blew.

Some Unsaid Words - Poetic Mind

Some unsaid words,
Some hidden truths,
I longed to say,
Failed from the roots…

I wanted to let it out,
When the moment was never right,
And when it was,
My wishes fell off like a kite…

A gentle touch,
A brief hand hold,
Is what I only wished for,
For our relationship to mold...

Today the stare you gave,
Was a true gem,
But it made me shy away,
Which I will always condemn…

I still wonder,
Your intention behind it,
Are we on the same sloop,
Or my thoughts need to quit…

Whatever you intend,
My gratification for you will not loose,
My limits are labelled,
Which will never deduce.

An Unstable Mind - My Poetic Effort

The favors you did are bigger,
For the returns I gave,
Still why do I expect more,
When I have least to give from my core.

I chose to stay away,
I chose to come back,
You just chose to keep it neutral,
Why do I take it as a refusal.

I have all the joy in life,
I have whatever I wanted,
But seeing the same joy at your dispersion,
Makes me a weak person.

You wanted me when you were alone,
I am gone when you have someone,
The toy you needed the most,
Will not bug you anymore.

Wandering all around is my heart,
Grabbing the most joyous of them all,
Doesn’t know what it wants to find,
It’s just an unstable mind.

Careless Depart - A Poetic Mind

It wasnt a happy depart,
Rather a careless one for me,
Ripping our joys apart,
Leaving you clueless for years to be.

We could have been together,
We could have shared so much of life,
But i searched for something better,
Ending all expectations with a knife.

No secrets between us,
Nothing to hide would have been,
A little fights, a little fuss,
Glowing moon would have seen.

Twisting tongues would have played,
Dripping sweat would have stayed,
Finger pulled by the earth
We could have bathed in dirt.

After decade of realization,
Regrets are left for confrontation,
Apologies dont matter,
When life is now a scatter.

McDonalds Mexican Cheesy Fries Review

McDonalds Mexican Cheesy Fries is an ultimate treat for fries lovers. The yellow cheese sauce dripped over the lazily lying fries will make you drool. The mexican salsa over the cheese sauce gives that chunky taste with fries making you wish for more of those fries.

Considering it as a side dish for McDonalds eaters, a tray of Mexican Cheesy French Fries can be shared by 2. But if you intend to pounce over just the fries, then you deserve to have the whole of it. Along with this fries, McDonalds offers Mexican Aloo Tikki and Lebanese Aloo Tikki burger. For foodies, who do not miss out single launch of dishes or restaurants, all three will be a boon.

Well, that was a lot of praises. Personally, I am not a fan of fries. For this combination of salsa and cheese sauce with fries, I would give a thumbs up, something you can probably try at least once, may be through McDelivery. After all, the crunchy fries of McDonalds has not yet found anyone to compete with.